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Royal Commission: Organisations Best To Check Rear-View Mirror Before Rushing Forward

QMV recently hosted a panel of insurance and superannuation leaders to discuss the path forward post the royal commission. The purpose of the event was to share initiatives and ideas that will drive an industry-wide transformation around people, process and technology.

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Best-Interests Duty Is Not That Complicated

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has thrown some light onto the superannuation sector’s conduct while left alone in the dark with the retirement savings of Australians.

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Take Control To Restore Public Trust In Financial Services

The risks of managing other people's money have been laid bare over the course of the ongoing Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services. Taking a closer look at the internal control environment is a sensible place to start rebuilding trust.

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Superannuation fund operational expenditure - increasing or decreasing?

Data recently released by APRA provides a high-level picture of the trends in operational expenditure by most large superannuation funds in Australia. 

QMV’s analysis of the data shows that since 2004, with the growing scale of assets within the superannuation system means…

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Pre 2018-19 Commonwealth Budget - What Might Be In Store For The Superannuation System?

After a busy few years of regulatory change, the 2018-19 Commonwealth budget is shaping up to continue the trend as yet another important policy intersection for the Australian superannuation and pensions system.

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ASFA Conference 2017 - The Underlying Truth

The underlying truth of ASFA 2017 was that if your data quality is not there, there is nothing a superannuation fund, insurer, bank or any company can do with any degree of success or comfort that it is fail proof (be that decision making, innovation, transformation or just good governance).

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