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Data Remediation Activities Will Not Disappear; Nor Should They

The Hayne Royal Commission rightfully and very publicly raised a question mark over the quality of customer data held by financial institutions. It also highlighted that data remediation – the cleansing, organisation and migrating of data – after costly and often lengthy investigation, warrants greater focus.

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APRA and ASIC Warn Superannuation Funds Must Ensure Member Fees Are Appropriate and Correct 

In a letter sent to registerable superannuation entity (RSE) licensees on 10 April 2019, APRA and ASIC reinforced the importance of oversight to ensure fees charged to members are correct and in their best interest. This included a range of issues and ‘approaches for actions’ to address the oversight.  

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Superannuation fund operational expenditure - increasing or decreasing?

Data recently released by APRA provides a high-level picture of the trends in operational expenditure by most large superannuation funds in Australia. 

QMV’s analysis of the data shows that since 2004, with the growing scale of assets within the superannuation system means…

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