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On Superannuation Guarantee

Australia’s superannuation guarantee policy is popular, economically prudent, and coming under increasing political scrutiny. It has been very effective in extending coverage of the superannuation system beyond the public sector and senior management of large companies to most working Australians.

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The Hayne Super. Recommendations

The Hayne Royal Commission’s superannuation related recommendations are first and foremost focused on promoting changes to the ways in which superannuation trustees deal with conflicts of interest and raising the standard of care which trustees adopt in managing members retirement savings. It is unsurprising that these two themes are often considered to fuse together in the form a fiduciary's best interest duty.

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Royal Commission: Are Solutions Harder Than Grasping At A Column Of Smoke?

While the Royal Commission spotlight has focused heavily on the major banks, the non-bank owned mass of the superannuation industry must also adjust to the climate of change with a resolve for improvement.

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