QMV Expands Sydney Office Appointing New Principal Consultant Wendy Colaço


QMV has appointed Wendy Colaço as principal consultant to lead QMV's Sydney office and provide consulting services to QMV clients. 

Wendy is a highly driven and energetic professional who joins the team at a period of significant growth. Her role is to drive QMV's growth in the Sydney market and support our work in superannuation, wealth management, banking and insurance. 

Wendy has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, most recently as head of people and culture consulting developing work environments and prior to this she was director, head of consulting Asia Pacific (JAPA) at American Express. She has also worked for TAL Life, FINEOS (insurance software) and ING. 

Wendy has lived in six countries, delivered work in over 50 countries and worked with over 300 companies alongside CEO’s, board members, project teams and other consultancies. She possesses valuable leadership qualities in addition to insurance and management consulting experience. Her breadth and depth of experience make her a good fit for the QMV team. 

Wendy is passionate about leading people and teams; with a commitment to understand individual team members’ strengths, skills, behaviours and motivations in order to achieve their goals. Her aim is to develop a thriving and prosperous culture that ignites people to be the best version of themselves. She believes that there is no separation between work and life, “Everything we do is part of life, so in order to thrive, it is important to focus on spending our lives even whilst at work, in meaningful and purposeful ventures.” This encourages an environment in which every interaction creates meaning for both clients and our people; making coming to work a pleasure and impactful. 

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Economics with a major in law, a Diploma of Technology and is currently studying psychology and neuroscience in leadership and well being. While working at American Express, Wendy notably lead the company-wide Diversity and Inclusion Network and the Global Employee Development program. Wendy looks forward to working with QMV’s corporate social responsibility team. 

Being an organ transplant recipient (cornea), Wendy is a long-term contributor to the Fred Hollows Foundation, OzHarvest Australia and she supports two sponsor children. 

We sincerely welcome Wendy to the team and look forward to her input and direction. 



Mark Vaughan - Managing Director 


QMV provides independent consulting services and technology systems to superannuation, wealth management, banking and insurance organisations. For further information please telephone our office p +61 3 9620 0707 or submit an online form.


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