Who is QMV?

Founded in 2008, QMV provides trusted and independent consultancy services and technology to Australia's leading superannuation, wealth management, banking and insurance organisations. Head office is in Melbourne. Our northern office is in CBD Sydney, from which we service Sydney and Brisbane clients.


What does the Q, M and V stand for?

Our founders, Michael QUINN, Stephen MAHONEY and Mark VAUGHAN joined forces with an aligned vision to enable and promote innovation and efficient delivery of institutional change projects in superannuation and wealth management.


What does QMV do?

QMV provides trusted and independent consulting services and technology systems to Australia's leading superannuation, wealth, banking and insurance organisations.

We work with clients on industry specific platforms and technology, regulatory change, project management, data remediation, migrations, organisational change management, testing and assurance and so much more!

For a comprehensive list as to the services and situations in which QMV can assist your organisation, please reference: go to the services page or contact QMV on 03 9620 0707.


Sorry, what does QMV do again?

QMV simply makes change easier. We help our clients save money, solve problems and succeed faster. We deliver on projects end-to-end or boost our client's existing capability with additional professional resources.


What are QMV's models of engagement

After defining an engagement brief, QMV can provide certainty by accepting ownership of the delivery risk under a fixed price model. If deliverables and dependencies are less prescribed, QMV’s consultants can be appointed on a time and materials basis.

If a hybrid, QMV’s highly experienced team are able to create model tailored to the need, all the while allowing critical business requirements to seamlessly continue.

QMV provides a flexible model to suit your situation. We are committed to being nimble and responsive to client needs.


Can we engage QMV to increase our existing capacity and then scale back?

Certainly. QMV is very proud and committed to having never ‘lost’ a client. We work hard to demonstrate thought leadership, quality delivery and a flexible approach.


What are QMV's day rates and consulting fees?

QMV offers significant commercial value to clients by providing superior, quality differentiated and expedited services. List rates are negotiable on a requirements basis, with both scale and preferred commercial arrangements available to higher consumption organisations.