Case Study: Advice On Application Of Core Registry System



QMV were engaged to advise on best practice and provide a comprehensive application road map for the core registry system of a leading government sector superannuation fund.



QMV assessed the demand for internal product driven change and external regulatory change impacting the application.   

At the same time, QMV’s industry wide experience was used provide an assessment of opportunities for best practice use of the application. This was performed with multiple lenses of user experience, complexity, and ‘out of the box’ efficiencies.



QMV successfully demonstrated relationships between related change items, dependencies and risks associated with vendor delivery against product initiatives and regulatory compliance deadlines. The ‘view on a page’ provided visibility over dependencies and potential resourcing demands.

The ‘change agenda’ of opportunities allowed the client to assess the business value of each item against relative complexities and prioritise change to enable future value and ‘maintainability’ of the application.