investigate rigorously monitors, measures and maintains data quality with precision and unprecedented reliability. Increasing business intelligence. Saving time. Reducing costs. 


Intuitive, proactive and dependable, investigate is designed to maximise efficiencies whilst minimising human error and dependency on contractors.

With a mandate to innovate, we developed a proprietary technology solution that confronts the problems of data quality management head on.

Imagine technology that manages the complexities of ongoing data quality across the information systems of your entire organisation: end to end. A platform that establishes guidelines and priorities for data interrogation and facilitates the resolution of data issues before they become problems. 


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A smart process that not only automatically detects defects in data, but also accumulates knowledge around the data, analysing opportunities for growth as well as providing transparency via a sophisticated suite of reporting and measurement tools. Technology that reliably navigates compliance demands, systems migrations and changes in product offerings whilst delivering tangible savings in time, cost and valuable resources.

We did imagine such a tool. We call it investigate. It’s technology- driven automation that delivers real efficiencies. So instead of wasting time and valuable resources on manual processing, the Super industry can get on with the business of better servicing their members.



investigate streamlines data quality management automatically, systematically, proactively;all in 3 distinct steps:

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First task is to define what your organisation means by data quality. investigate then integrates all the information from various systems and interrogates the data against a suite of over 300 validation scripts that are aligned with the specific functions and processes of your organisation. It finds errors and issues that need to be fixed




Once we’ve discovered the errors, the Resolve phase facilitates the remediation activities to solve the issues, either singularly, or en masse. The result? Trusted data. Resolve also profiles existing data so the business user can analyse it in order to deliver real intelligence and value.



The third phase provides dashboard reporting enabling you to distribute detailed information to a wide range of stakeholders; internal business units, members, employers, trustees, advisors and APRA. Issues, priorities and overall compliance can be reported in detail via the dashboard to ensure measurability and effectiveness.



Here’s what it does:

  • Manages workflow around data quality, reporting and extractions
  • Measures and ensures the quality of data
  • Highlights and measure data quality trends
  • Provides role-based permissions to control access to enterprise data
  • Loads data from any source, including databases, files, other sources, etc.
  • Stores datasets and indexes them for querying
  • Works as a proactive, system-agnostic data management tool
  • Makes data integrity an operational part of the business
  • Resolves issues singularly or in bulk
  • Ensures data complies with APRA standards.

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