Why waste your Data Migration Investment dollars?


The Challenge and Opportunity

There are increasing demands for high quality membership data from regulators, business needs and for reputational risk mitigation.

Whether because of new business take- on or implementing a new technology platform, a Data Migration project is a watershed moment to invest the resources and time to review and cleanse data to make it the highest quality.

QMV’s evolve Data Migration Service is a unique combination of people, process and technology that will ensure you maximise the value from your Data Migration. Evolve will enable you to establish a data quality baseline to benchmark against as you transition from the Data Migration to business as usual operations.

  2 - Process  

Most organisations fail to establish Data Quality Management after the migration is completed and so, over time, the clean data will significantly degrade with the associated increased risks to your business.

With QMV’s evolve service the ongoing Data Quality Management is a by-product of the migration project that will be available to use from the first day of operations. From day-one you will be able to monitor, manage and measure your data quality using the knowledge and rules that have already been captured and recorded in QMV’s technology solution investigate.

Working with evolve will deliver a further ‘value-add ‘ for your business because Investigate was designed to fulfil the APRA prudential standards for data risk (CPG235) that will stand up to inspection by the regulator.



3 - Consultants   4 - Documentation   5 - Solution


QMV consultants are Superannuation and Wealth subject matter experts with proven Data Migration experience across multiple platforms and clients – we know your business.




A complete set of documentation for every component required for Data Migration - from project deliverables to migration reporting.



A solution that can validate data from multiple sources such as core record keeping databases, supporting systems such as CRM and supplementary systems such as spreadsheets.


 6 - Methodology    7 - Investigate    8 - Reconciliation


An established Data Migration methodology that is rapidly deployed and accelerates the initiation of key activities such as data mapping and cleansing.



A future-proofed repository for all business rules to analyse and validate source and migrated data that becomes the backbone of your ongoing Data Quality Management.



A full reconciliation with supporting underlying data to ensure that each business and technical decision maker can confidently evaluate and approve the migration.



  • QMV’s evolve Methodology, supported by its investigate software enables you to realise a continued return on your investment by leveraging the Data Migration effort and delivering ongoing Data Quality Management.
  • As part of the migration Business Rules and associated validations are built up in the investigate repository. These same rules can be used to implement ongoing Data Quality checks.
  • The quality of the data can be base-lined at the point of migration and then monitored, managed and reported using standard out of the box investigate functionality.
  • Effectively investigate becomes your fast-track to control and manage data risk and operationalise APRA’s CPG 235 data risk management policy and standards.
  • A successful Data Migration is guaranteed. 

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